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Being Mobile

at Lake Steinhuder Meer

Flexibility at Lake Steinhuder Meer

...even without a car

Do you think that you will be in a fix without a car? Not here at Lake Steinhuder Meer! Several buses take you from one sight to the next. In the summer there is also a bicycle bus, that takes you and your bike around the lake. If you do not want to take the bus, you can also take the ferry operated by the shipping company Steinhuder Personenschifffahrt. Leave you car behind and take advantage of our good connections.

Bicycle Bus 835

More service for cyclists

Take the bicycle bus around the lake: Tourists and day-trippers have the opportunity to use the bicycle bus line 835 if they do not want to ride their bike around the entire lake or they are caught in bad weather. The bicycle bus 835 can be used between April and October. No reservations are necessary as it has enough capacity for 16 bicycles. The trailers are equipped with a ramp, therefore it is easy to load and unload your bike. The bus takes you from Wunstorf to Neustadt and back.

Der Fahrradbus am Steinhuder Meer mit Fahrradanhänger
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Eco-friendly & Inexpensive

Taking your bike doesn't cost anything, you only have to get a ticket for yourself. For a single trip you need a ticket for one zone. If you want to take the bus several times a day, we recommend the day pass for one person or groups for up to 5 people. 

Schedules & Hot Topics

Further information on schedules, tickets, prices and zones can be found on the regiobus website. 

Using Public Transportation Is Easy

GVH - Greater Hannover Public Transportation

While you are here you can use public transportation to get to your destination fast, comfortable and cheap. All buses and trains have standard prices, therefore, you only have to buy one ticket and you can use it in the entire greater Hannover area.

Ein Bus steht in Steinhude
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Schedule Information

Plan your bus or local train trip with the electronic schedule information EFA for Lower Saxony and Bremen. 


Use the GVH App to look at schedules or buy your ticket. Wherever you are - just use your phone. 

GVH App Information

Steinhuder Personenschifffahrt

Boat rides

If you want to relax while going from one place to the next, the boats will gladly take you for a boat ride. The regular service connects Steinhude with Wilhelmstein Island and Mardorf during the season. On request, you can also go to weiße Düne or Neue Moorhütte on the northern shore. You can also take your bike with you on this commute. This way, cyclists can cut their way around the lake short. For a nostalgic trip on the lake there are also historic wooden boats available.

Das Fahrgastschiff Steinhude und ein Auswanderer fahren vor der Insel Wilhelmstein auf dem Steinhuder Meer
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Electric Cars at Lake Steinhuder Meer

...Stay mobile

At Lake Steinhuder Meer there are two electric charging stations for your car. This allows you to recharge your environmentally friendly car. Electric cars can park in the public parking area "Am Graben" with no parking disk.

Northern Shore - Mardorf
Hotel-Restaurant Fischerstübchen, Uferweg 92, 31535 Neustadt a. Rbge.
2 x Schuko (16A) + 1 x CEE 400V/16A(16A)

Southern Shore - Steinhude
Strandterrassen Steinhude, Meerstraße 2, 31515 Wunstorf
3 x Type 2 11 kW

Terms of usage and information: +49 5033 / 5000

Symbol für ein Elektroauto
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