© Hans F. Meier

Wilhelmstein Island Fortress

The man-made isle (Count Wilhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe had the island built between 1761 and 1765 for his military fortress) is an exceptional destination in many ways.

Where else can you take a ride on a historical boat to reach a museum or art exhibit? After a unique ride across the lake an exciting fortress museum awaits you. Here you will get a picture of the garrison's life full of deprivation in the old casemates.

In the military-historical collection you can see Steinhude's pike, a model of a submarine looking like a pike, which is believed to be the first submarine in the world. From the tower you have a beautiful panoramic view over the entire Lake Steinhuder Meer.

Die Inselfestung Wilhelmstein spiegelt sich mit goldenem Herbstlaub im spiegelglatten Steinhuder Meer
© Christine Kölling - SMT
Das Luftbild von oben gibt einen tollen Blick auf die Inselfestung Wilhelmstein im Steinhuder Meer
© Fürstliche Schlossverwaltung Schloss Bückeburg / Andreas Menz

Conquering the Island: In the Footsteps of Count Wilhelm

Did you know that the constructor of the Wilhelmstein Island Fortress, Imperial Count Wilhelm, was a prominent figure in Europe, who was friends with the Kings of Prussia, England and Portugal and, who successfully fought off the attack of superior forces in 1787? A visit to the Wilhelmstein Island Fortress with our tour guide is not only a journey through time to the Count of Schaumburg-Lippe, but also a special experience. The beautiful panoramic view from the island's observatory fascinates every visitor.