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Sculpture Promenade

Contemporary artists have depicted the natural forces of the earthly elements in their modern works, as well as myths and legends, and embedded them into the landscape of Lake Steinhuder Meer. Art enthusiasts must see Steinhude’s promenade with eight sculptures, that have symbolic names such as: Swinging Wave, Undine's Dream and Dancing Wind. The big sundial in the spa gardens is just a few steps away and complements the exhibition. A detailed description is available at the Tourist Information.


…the Name’s Origin.

In 1920 Steinhude was first mentioned als “Stenhuthe“ in a document.
“Sten“ has evolved into “Stein“ over time. Steinhude is located on a terminal moraine from the Saale Ice Age. Big amounts of sand and stones werde transported here by glaciers. “Huthe“ - later Hude - refers to a pasture or a place near the water.

In 1550 the name Steinhude first appeared in archives. Steinhude is interpreted as a pasture next to water with many rocks…
Today, these kinds of rocks still appear when working the grounds of fields and construction sites.

The project was initiated by the Verkehrsverein Steinhuder Meer e.V. and the Steinhuder Meer Tourismus GmbH and supported by the city of Wunstorf.