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Ship Tours and Boat Trips

at Lake Steinhuder Meer

Welcome on Board

If you prefer to take it easy and resist physical challenges, then you can, of course, simply go on a relaxing cruise on the water. The passenger ships connect Steinhude with Wilhelmstein Island and Mardorf. In addition, they take you to White Dune and the New Moor Hut on the north coast on request. You can also enjoy the lake on a ninety-minute round trip, and you can go on a sunset cruise called Dämmerschoppen starting in Steinhude, which is offered twice a week during the season. On the commute route between the northern and southern shore our skippers also transport bikes, in case cyclists want to shorten their trip around the lake.

Significantly smaller than the passenger ships, but no less popular, are pedal boats and motorboats, that can be rented in Mardorf and in Steinhude. Sitting behind the steering wheel you feel like a captain of the open sea. Those who like a more rustic experience can discover Lake Steinhuder Meer with a canoe or SUP. With a flat boat or board you can glide slowly over the glittering water and past the undisturbed natural beauty of the banks. Those who don't have their own paddleboat or board can also participate in a guided tour.


Historical Wooden Boats "Auswanderer"

For a nostalgic trip take a ride in one of our historic wooden boats called Auswanderer. These traditional boats, powered by wind or motor, carry 20 to 30 passengers. The name Auswanderer sounds somewhat like wanderlust and means emigrant. The unusual name is fitting, for until 1866 Lake Steinhuder Meer served as a border. The north and east coast were a part of the Kingdom of Hanover, while the southwest belonged to the Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe. If you went from one shore to the other, you actually emigrated.
Our guests can also book the wooden boats for round trips and individual tours. For a particularly special day you can combine a trip on the boat with your bike tour or hike.