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Beach Vacation

at Lake Steinhuder Meer

Enjoying Endless Beach Fun

Another great summer option at Lake Steinhuder Meer is a relaxing beach vacation. Right next to the surfer's beach in Mardorf lies the large beach White Dune (Weiße Düne). The kids can splash around in the shallow water while their parents doze in the sun. With a playground and volleyball court nearby there is never a dull moment. If you would rather spend your beach vacation on an island, we suggest the Beach Island in Steinhude, the second largest meeting point for sun-seekers at Lake Steinhuder Meer. The Beach Island was created in 1975 on the 35,000 square kilometer island and spoils our visitors with a beautiful sand beach, vast lawns and a big playground. In the evenings, when Jazz or Rock music is played, the island has a very special atmosphere.