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Your stay at Lake Steinhuder Meer

Accommodations at Lake Steinhuder Meer

In addition to many leisure activities and the unique natural landscape, it is above all our hosts who make your stay at Lake Steinhuder Meer something very special. Take a look at our offers. No matter if holiday flat, holiday home, hotel, guesthouse, camping or motorhome - choose your "temporary home" at Lake Steinhuder Meer.

Fast and Easy: Book Your Vacation at Lake Steinhuder Meer
Make it easy on yourself – you would like to know if your desired accommodation is still available and how much it costs? No problem – find all the information with just one click. If you have found the right place, you can easily book online and start being full of anticipation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our booking hotline: +49 5033 / 95010.

A Quick Getaway to Lake Steinhuder Meer
You do not want to leave anything to chance? Then, our event packages and arrangements are the right choice for you – we will take care of everything. That is our promise to you!

Something for Everyone at Lake Steinhuder Meer
Do you want to spend the day at Lake Steinhuder Meer and you are looking for handicapped accessible arrangements? Please contact us for more information.

Dog owners, who want to take their dog to Lake Steinhuder Meer, will find more information in one of our tourist information centers.

Auswanderer-Boote liegen am Ablegesteg in Steinhude. Im Hintergrund ist die Inselfestung Wilhelmstein zu erkennen.
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