© Christian Wyrwa


at Lake Steinhuder Meer


The Nature Park Steinhuder Meer is considered one of the most popular destinations for cyclists in Germany. That is not surprising, as the the terrain is flat, the landscape idyllic, and the infrastructure of our bike paths is excellent. Besides the popular loop path around the lake, you can follow designated paths with different topics, such as Dinosaurs or the moor, or simply go on a guided bike tour.


The Lake Steinhuder Meer Loop Path

The path borders the lake, which rests in the center of the nature park like a glistening pearl. By foot or by bike, the circular path is a great way to experience the park's diverse landscape. During our trip the scenery along the shore will continually change. Sometimes trees directly line the water’s edge, sometimes reeds. At other times, the flat remnants of a giant dune cut the water to create a fine sand beach. You will find yourself in the shadow of a forest that suddenly opens up to a wide marsh. Later you reach a wooden walkway leading into a pristine marshland forest of alder trees, a paradise for song and water birds.