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Water Activities

at Lake Steinhuder Meer


First, we would like to tell you about sailing at Lake Steinhuder Meer, because traditionally it is one of the most important sailing sites in Germany and has been used for sailing for more than a hundred years. The first yacht club was founded in 1906. Today, there are more than twenty sailing clubs at Lake Steinhuder Meer and more than a thousand boats in docks in the summer. Guests can bring their own boats and tie them to one of the many docks, or they can rent a boat from one of the boat rentals in Steinhude or Mardorf. The water offers enough room for beginners and professional sailors. Each season, an average of 40 regattas take place.

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

When you are sitting in a cozy chair outside a café with lake view, you will notice something else among the many boat sails looking like small white dots: the transparent sails of windsurfers as they glide over the water like dragonflies. The official access point for surfers is the surf beach in Mardorf on the north shore. This is the hot spot for surfers and kitesurfers. If you haven't been a water sport enthusiast, but you are tempted to feel the power of wind and water, there are several schools offering trial courses for sailing, surfing, kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.