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at Lake Steinhuder Meer

As Far As Your Feet Take You...

Nature is most intensely experienced on foot. Leave everything hectic and regulated behind. The journey is the goal as you peacefully delve into the different landscapes. Especially good for hikers is the infrastructure of the 32-kilometer long path encircling the lake, a stretch leading the hiker through the nature protection zone, where everything off the trail must remain undisturbed. The nature park regularly offers guided hikes through the moors, that allow hikers a supervised access to these protected areas. Three loop paths run through Steinhude and in Mardorf there are eight themed paths waiting to be discovered.


Our Hiking Tips for you at Lake Steinhuder Meer

Loop Paths Discover Mardorf / 3.7 – 7 km

In Mardorf you have the opportunity to discover the town on eight different theme paths (M1 – M8). There are several theme trails for various topics such as dunes, beach, moor, and golf. During the season, there is a guided tour every Tuesday on the village path. Every path is signposted and there are numerous information boards. More detailed information is available in the Tourist Information in Mardorf and Steinhude.


Hiking Tours in Steinhude / 6 – 13 km

Three tours in Steinhude (S1 – S3) start in our barn quarter and take you along the lake, the former train tracks of the "Steinhuder-Meer-Bahn" or along the meadows and fields and promise a relaxing time. Please visit our website for detailed descriptions.


Moor Hikes / approx. 9 km

Starting both in Steinhude and Mardorf, guided moor hikes are scheduled on a regular basis. From May until October the Nature Park Lake Steinhuder Meer organizes a guided moor hike from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon on the north shore. Please register with the Nature Park House in Mardorf. Starting in Steinhude, Gerhard Dienst takes you once or twice a month on a guided moor hike. Please contact the Tourist Information Steinhude for specific dates and registration. 


The "Moorhennies" Path / approx. 6 km

On this path you can discover the landscape and cultural diversity in Poggenhagen and Neustadt. The "Moorhennies" path consists of two routes that can be combined and there are 31 information boards. Simply use you phone to scan the QR code to download the audio file.