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Fishing and Weaving Museum and Toy Museum

The Fishing and Weaving Museum gives a vivid impression of the life full of privation and hard work, that locals had to endure here for generations. The museum is located in a half-timbered house built in 1850. The people, that lived in this house until 1984, had hardly changed a thing while living there. Therefore, even today visitors get the impression that the fisherman's family just left the house to run a quick errand.

The Toy Museum is also located in this traditional house and includes toys from the 19th and 20th century. The abundance of toys sends children to a colorful wonderland and illustrates that social situations and expectations for the next generation are also reflected through toys.

The Weaving Mill Weberei Seegers

Since 1765, this family-owned business is weaving linen and is Germany's oldest weaving mill. 15 weaving looms and centuries-old knowledge of textile manufacturing make your visit truly special. Modern design, old handcraft and knowledge are combined. Inside the building is an interesting museum and a show room with the possibility to buy exclusive linen products. You can see antique weaving looms, machines and documents from contemporary witnesses, or you can enjoy a treat in the Weaver's Café in the factory building.