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Packages & Group Events

There is a lot to Discover at Lake Steinhuder Meer

You can be full of anticipation – family, friends, soccer team or study trip: common activities are fun at all ages! Nature Park Steinhuder Meer is well prepared for small and big groups and has a lot to offer for everyone! Treat yourself with a short break. Relax, take a bike ride around the lake or try Stand Up Paddling! Enjoy the summer – now is the perfect time!

Steinhude Complete

Do you want to get to know everything about Steinhude? Listen closely to our tour guides while they take you through the historical town center and learn more about the tasty smoked eel in one of our eel smokehouses. Active people need a refreshment. Enjoy a delicious meal on the shore of Lake Steinhuder Meer. The menu will be chosen in the morning, so it can quickly be served. Afterwards, a historic sailboat takes you to Wilhelmstein Island. Here, you can visit the fortress with our competent guides. At the end of an eventful day a coffee break in a chosen cozy café awaits you.

Blick über einen langen Steg am Südufer auf die Promenade in Steinhude
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Das Luftbild von oben gibt einen tollen Blick auf die Inselfestung Wilhelmstein im Steinhuder Meer
© Fürstliche Schlossverwaltung Schloss Bückeburg / Andreas Menz

Conquering the Island: In the Footsteps of Count Wilhelm

Come with us on an entertaining discovery trip. Did you know that the constructor of the Wilhelmstein Island Fortress, Imperial Count Wilhelm, was a prominent figure in Europe, who was friends with the Kings of Prussia, England and Portugal and, who successfully fought off the attack of superior forces in 1787? A visit to the Wilhelmstein Island Fortress with our tour guide is not only a journey through time to the Count of Schaumburg-Lippe, but also a special experience. The beautiful panoramic view from the island's observatory fascinates every visitor.

"Carefree Days" Package

Enjoy Lake Steinhuder Meer by bike or boat…you can relax, because we will take care of everything for you. This package includes a hotel room for two nights including breakfast. On your bikes you have the chance to get to know the area at your own pace. The 32-kilometer loop leads you around the lake. Enjoy homemade cakes and delicious coffee specialties in the afternoon, as well as local specialties in one of our restaurants in the evening. Visit Wilhelmstein Island and its unique island fortress. The boat ride with our traditional wooden boats is a unique experience and the sunsets at the end of the day are breathtaking.

Discover the lake area by bike - every cyclist wants to ride her or his bike around the lake at least once. Along the bike path, several observation decks with information boards help you discover nature and the local wildlife. Those, who don't want to ride around the entire lake can use several bus stops for our bike bus or they can take the passenger ship as a shortcut. Jump on your bike and enjoy the fresh air!


Ein Paar fährt auf der Westpromenade mit dem Fahrrad
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Die Strasse Alter Winkel im Ortskern von Steinhude aus der Luft betrachtet
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Guided Tour Through Steinhude

Steinhude, the fishing and weaving village on Lake Steinhuder Meer, has transformed into a vibrant destination for guests from near and far. Not only the complex history, but also specialties and amiable occurrences make the walk through the old town center truly special. It includes, for example, a visit to the ancient mangle "Kastenmangel", which is unique in Europe.

Your Contact Persons

Profit from our good relations to our business partners - Stefanie Pohler and Marvin Harste help you with all questions and wishes. On request we plan your individual arrangements according to your wishes.

Please contact us directly via e-mail or call us (+49 5033 / 950115). We will be happy to assist you.  

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