Welcome to the nature park "Steinhuder Meer"

Welcome to the nature park

The "Steinhuder Meer" and its manifold landscapes create a magical atmosphere. It is a region where vacation, free time and far reaching nature conservation are in perfect balance.
Where is the "Steinhuder Meer"? Please click here to receive information about the geographical position of the nature park in the northern part of Germany.


Experience nature and more

We want our guests to experience the fascination of the lake and to get in touch with nature. At "Steinhuder Meer nature park" you can achieve both and the Park’s elaborate and award winning pathways make visitors stay on paths. The 32 kilometer loop around the lake was the first part of the guided pathway project. Over the years the loop was completed by promenades, bridges, footbridges and observation towers. The "Steinhuder Meer" forms the heart of the 310 square kilometer nature park. More than 65 percent of the park is under nature conservation protection.


Active experiences and more

We know that our guests are ambitious and have individual desires for their vacation. For those whose ideal vacation is full of action, our region offers the best opportunities for many outdoor activities on the water, in the water or in the richly diverse landscape. Whether on a bike, in hiking boots, running shoes, bathing suit, on a sailboat, surfboard or under a kite, whoever takes pleasure in the sun, a fresh breeze or the cool shade of the forest, will truly appreciate their days at "Steinhuder Meer". For those vacationers needing to let off a little steam, love modern trends and are seeking thrills, as well as for those who are simply seeking to escape the hustle and bustle and just let their spirit drift, we offer the freedom and chance to satisfy all tastes.


Experience culture and more

We are proud that artists and the culturally inclined can find inspiration in the natural beauty and atmosphere of the lake. In the early nineteenth century the romantic author, Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqué was so inspired by the landscape that it influenced his narrative of the water nymph Undine.

These days, those interested in a little culture can find open air craft markets in all sorts of places: in a barn, in a castle, in an abbey or in a glass house on an island fortress. The local museums present the most diverse objects, themes and epochs. Several of the museums are housed in culturally and historically important buildings, spanning from Gothic to Renaissance to Baroque.

Our photo will show you: The natural foundation is laid for a relaxing and unforgettable vacation. The friendly hosts at Steinhude, Großenheidorn, Hagenbug, Rehburg-Loccum, Mardorf or the villages of Neustädter Land, will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Now it is up to you to get to know and love the "Steinhuder Meer" in all its numerous facets. For every temperament and preference, at Germany’s largest shallow lake there is a way to experience nature, culture, active and more.

We look forward to your visit.




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